Monday, November 12, 2007

Killer Toys!

Well, the holidays are fast-approaching, and I have begun to think about where to find gifts that are fun, kid-friendly, imagination enhancing and most of all... SAFE! It seems like we can't turn on the TV these days without hearing about another toy recall: lead, poison, drugs, you name it! This season, let's work together to support small companies that are both eco-friendly and kid-friendly. Here are some of my favorite sources. Let me hear from you about yours!

I really like this source for all sorts of gift-giving (and getting! :))
The owner also produces an excellent podcast, called More Hip Than Hippie which is broadcast weekly. Learn more about it at their website! And, tell them I sent you!

Magic Cabin
This is a great new source for me that I saw on Martha Stewart's show last week. There are some excellent choices and ideas here!

Taraluna is another source for many types of gifts. The owner is on the greenbusiness listserve that I follow. Her store provides great customer service! If you visit them, tell them I sent you!

Tree City Diapers
This store is local to us here in Ann Arbor. It has a wonderful selection of all things for your little ones, plus slings, cloth diapers, nursing stuff, etc.
They also always provide great customer service! One of my favorite baby gifts is the kleen kanteen sippy cup... you'll find it here!

Other sources that look interesting, but that I have not tried personally...



Bella Luna Toys

Fat Brain Toys


Pristine Planet

Enjoy shopping with these eco-friendly and kid-safe retailers!

Have a great day!

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