Wednesday, December 5, 2007

You Tube Debut!

Check out our You Tube debut!

This video will jump start your family *Living Green*!

Enjoy and share with all of the young families in your life. I'd greatly appreciate any comments on the video, or ideas for future videos.

Thanks green mamas!



Ally said...

Jessica, you rock! This is a great video. And your daughter is adorable. The only constructive criticism I'd give is that you could edit it down a bit to take off some of the length-- just the pauses, the difficulty getting the lightbulb screwed in (though it was cute!), etc. I loved the shot of your solar panels; made me want to run out and get some for my family right now!

Nadine said...

Great job Jess! Claire is just perfect, love her, she is a great link for the kids.
The first part of the video where you explain energy is, I think, to abstract for 2 year old.. needs demonstration, examples... etc.
keep up the good work.