Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Green Light

Good Afternoon Ecomamas!

So sorry that I have been sporadic lately with the posting. Life has been busy here... started a new job, trying to sell a house, got the flu... twice! Normal fun things that all of us go through are slowing me down this month!

In the interest of keeping it simple, I wanted to bring up a simple idea this week for greening your home.

Last weekend began daylight savings time... meaning that we now have more evening daylight.

On Sunday morning just after the time change, my daughter was, for the first time in years, awoken by the sun. We actually heard her lying in her bed and saying, "Mom... turn off the light!" It was hilarious!

Now is a great time to begin to use more natural light in your day. Open the blinds, use candles at dinner, play with your kids outside or picnic in the evenings. (A great excuse to make sandwiches and salads for dinner... saving electricity and mom's energy!) CFL's and other high efficiency light bulbs are great... but nothing beats using the good old fashioned light of the sun!

And remember to simply turn off lights in rooms when you're not using them. Teach your kids too while they'll still listen to you.

Let some natural light in your life green mamas!
Take care,

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