Friday, September 21, 2007

Power Vampires

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Does it really matter if I unplug my cellphone charger, coffee maker, computer, TV, etc. when they're not on?


Power (or energy) vampires are one of my biggest eco-pet peeves! If all of us would just remember (or set up systems to remember for us) to turn things all the way off when they are not in use, we would save a lot of power! And, a lot of money!!! I once calculated that by turning off just my TV, DVD, cable box and stereo and then shutting the power strip that they are all plugged into off (so, all of them are truly OFF and not on standby), I could save about $2000 to send with my daughter when she heads off to college... and, it would have NO EFFECT on my lifestyle.

So, do it today! Eliminate the vampires in your life! :)

Check out these links for more detailed info on energy vampires...

Grinning Planet

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Ally said...

Hi Jessica, do you have a good suggestion re a convenient way to do this? E.g., plug in appliances to power strips and then turn off the strip itself? What are good systems for remembering to do it?

Jessica Drummond, MPT said...

Yes, we use power strips, and turn off the power strip when we're done with the TV, microwave, whatever. At our house it has just become a habit after a few months of nagging by me.! :) But, also consider the smart strip that is linked to at the top of the post. Strips like this will will help to turn themselves off.
Also, put the strips in easy-to-reach places so that it's easy to turn them off.
Thanks for the questions.