Friday, September 7, 2007

Reader Question: A Greener Way to Pick Up Dog Poop

Good Morning Everyone! This week's question is from Heidi in Ann Arbor. She's begun to compost more and more of her family's waste for her garden. Now she would like to start composting the dog poop that she picks up on her daily walks with her 2 dogs and her toddler. My first thought was to use a child's sand bucket and just "scoop the poop" into it and then dump it in the compost when she returns home. But, when you're trying corral 2 dogs and a stroller, it's tricky to add a sand bucket and a scooper to the mix. So, I came across this excellent post from The Green Life: a pet lover's perspective on living healthy and green. This post is full of resources for biodegradable dog poop bags that can be easily composted along with the dog poop.

Check it out here!

And, as a follow up to last week's post, a reader recommended Trader Joe's liquid laundry detergent. It is concentrated, so the small jug contains many cleaning loads, just be sure not to use too much with each load. It is eco-friendly and at minimum it removes stains as well as regular detergents. Try it!

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